June 03, 2024

The Precinct Officers of the Bannock County Republican Party who were elected in the May Primary met last Thursday evening to elect new leadership for the Bannock County GOP.  Elected as Officers were:

Chairman – Craig Yadon
1st Vice Chairman – Brian Parsons
2nd Vice Chairman – Barbara Worley
Secretary – Pamela Davies
Treasurer – Melissa Winward
State Committeeman – Forrest Morgan
State Committeewoman – Tanya Burgoyne
Youth Committeeman – Jake Stevens

Four precinct committeemen were elected to serve on the Executive Committee.  They are:  Jeanie Avery, Vern Briscoe, Philip Romriell, and Kyle Ruud.

The newly elected officers reside throughout Bannock County, including in Chubbuck, Downey, Inkom, Lava Hot Springs, and Pocatello.

Incoming Chairman Craig Yadon said, “It has been a privilege to serve as the Bannock County Republican State Committeeman for the past two years. As I’ve attended state GOP meetings, it has been very encouraging to see the grassroots efforts taking hold and more Idahoans becoming involved in our political process. As the new chairman of the Bannock County GOP, I look forward to promoting our Idaho Republican Party values of limited government; strong local communities; independent families; and freedom of the individual. Our guiding goals will be recruiting Republican candidates that support these Republican Party ideals, engaging with those who have come to believe their vote doesn’t matter and getting more conservatives to the polls in each election. We believe in true equality, as given by our Creator, and we are dedicated to the working men and women who labor to make Idaho stronger and more prosperous.”

Craig Yadon

Craig Yadon

Chair, Bannock County Republican Party

This content first appeared in the Pocatello Chubbuck Observer.