About Bannock GOP

Meet the Bannock GOP

The Bannock GOP is responsible for working to identify Republican voters and getting them to the polls, Get-out-the-Vote, and Election Day operations. We need to identify Republican voters and ensure they get to the polls in both primary and general elections.

We also work to recruit good candidates to run for positions in our area. We provide training and resources to help those candidates prepare to run and hold office.

The Bannock GOP also works to influence the Idaho GOP by attending the annual convention, proposing and voting on platform measures and participating in fundraising activities.

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Our Leadership

CharimanChar Tovey
First ViceDK Jenkins
2nd ViceSally Symons
SecretaryDave Hall
TreasureJoan Reed
State CommitteemanLance Kolbet
State CommitteewomanVerna Walker
Youth CommitteemanDakota Bates
ParlementarianDustin Manwaring
Precinct Rep 1Carol Guthrie
Precinct Rep 2Matt Bloxham
Precinct Rep 3Jeff Underwood
Precinct Rep 4Maxilyn Capell
College RepublicansFarhana Hibbert
Legislative District 28Laura Anderson
Legislative District 29Brain Trammell
SenatorJim Guthrie
Representative 28Kevin Andrus
Representative 28Randy Armstrong
Commissioner Dist 1Ernie Moser
Commissioner Dist 2Jeff Hough
Commissioner Dist 3Terrel Ned Tovey
ClerkJason Dixon
AssessorSheri Davies