About the
Bannock County GOP

Who We Are: Meet the Bannock County Republican Party

The Bannock GOP is responsible for working to identify Republican voters and getting them to the polls, Get-out-the-Vote, and Election Day operations. We need to identify Republican voters and ensure they get to the polls in both primary and general elections.

We also work to recruit good candidates to run for positions in our area. We provide training and resources to help those candidates prepare to run and hold office.

The Bannock GOP also works to influence the Idaho GOP by attending the annual convention, proposing and voting on platform measures and participating in fundraising activities.

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Our Leadership

ChairmanCraig Yadon
1st ViceBrian Parsons
2nd ViceBarbara Worley
SecretaryPamela Davies
TreasurerMelissa Winward
State CommitteemanForrest Morgan
State CommitteewomanTanya Burgoyne
Youth CommitteemanJake Stevens
ParlementarianBrian Trammell
Precinct Rep 1Jeanie Avery
Precinct Rep 2Philip Romriell
Precinct Rep 3Vern Brisco
Precinct Rep 4Kyle Ruud
College RepublicansFarhana Hibbert
Legislative District 28Dave Hall
Legislative District 29John Crowder
Senator District 28Jim Guthrie
Representative 28ADan Garner
Representative 28BRichard Cheatum
Representative 29ADustin Manwaring
Representative 35AKevin Andrus
Commissioner Dist 1Ernie Moser
Commissioner Dist 2Jeff Hough
Commissioner Dist 3John Crowder
ClerkJason Dixon
AssessorAnita Hymas

Precinct Committee Officers

Legislative District 29

PC1Sue Hodge
PC2Jake Stevens
PC3Lori Warren
PC4Jeff Underwood
PC5Philip Romriell
PC6Craig Yadon
PC9Carol Hancock
PC10Dustin Manwaring
PC11Brian Trammell
PC12Janae Lawver
PC13Scott Weakly
PC14Dale Diller
PC15Susan Rudd
PC16Kyle Rudd
PC17John Crowder
PC18Vanessa Hanson
PC19Brody Holyoak
PC21Tanya Burgoyne
PC22Tina Reed
PC23Randy Pearson
PC25Melissa Schrade
PC26Char Tovey
PC27Grant Bartschi
PC30Bill Downs
PC32Terrel “Ned” Tovey
PC34Terri Bell
PC35Verna Walker
PC39Tianna Abel
PC40Gary Kent Merrill
PC42Matt Weaver
PC43Jeremy Porter

Legislative District 28

PC36Ed Angle
PC37Farhana Hibbert
PC38Matt Tovey
PC41Don Stallsmith
PC50Ed Foster
PC51Jeff Hough
PC52Dave Hall
PC53Robert Adling
PC54Shane Moulton
PC56Craig Parrish
PC57Deloy Stuart
PC58Mike Parker
PC59Alan Curtis
PC61Mike Saville
PC62Melissa Winward
PC63Art DaRosa
PC66Karen Johnston
PC70Jeremy Price
PC71Vern Brisco

Legislative District 35

PC80Ernie Moser
PC81John Christensen
PC82Buck Hedges
PC83Kaycie Lockyer
PC84Jeanie Avery